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Our Range of Arctic Snow and Ice Products For Sale

arctic snow and ice ld-pusher

Sectional Sno-Pushers For Sale

The Sectional Sno-Pushers are redefining snow-clearing operations. Their unique sectional design allows for a near-perfect scrape and has the capability to scrape hard-pack snow when needed; its slip hitch allows the pusher to operate without any down pressure from the machine, minimizing wear and allowing full traction.

right scoop arctic snow and ice

Razor Back For Sale

After 5 years of rigorous testing, the RazorBack truck plow by Arctic hits the market. Provided the user with many of the same great capabilities of the sectional snow pusher, it extends 12' and easily retrofits onto common existing mounts.


Sectional Sno-Wing For Sale

Introducing a groundbreaking wing-plow, combining the advantages of Arctic's Sectional Sno-Pusher™ and Sno-Plow™. Unmatched patented true-Sectional features offer self-levelling, contouring, and efficient hardpack snow removal down to the bare pavement. Unique slip hitch design facilitates quick changeovers and fits various equipment mounting systems. It also allows the machine to keep all four tires on the ground for full traction.

power-angle-wb sectional snow plow

Sectional Snow Plow For Sale

Choose from 7 sizes for optimal versatility. Adjust the plow angle for efficient windrowing or back dragging. The sectional design ensures a near-perfect scrape and can handle hard-pack snow effortlessly.

arctic snow and ice side sweeper

Side Sweeper For Sale

The SideSwiper™ plow, inheriting features from Arctic's renowned Sectional Sno-Pusher™ and Sno-Plow™, boasts a full 20 feet of length, low profile, and offset design—ideal for clearing semi-tractor trailers' kingpins. Trusted by Arctic's own snow fleet, it's an indispensable tool for winter dock operations, ensuring unparalleled speed, efficiency, and patented Arctic technology.

Arctic Sectional Sno Pusher For Sale

The sectional sno-pusher revolutionizes snow removal with its independent sections, mechanical side panels, and slip hitch technology, delivering unparalleled efficiency and adaptability to all terrains.

arctic snow and ice HD-pusher-tripping-over-curb

Sectional Design

The sectional sno-pusher's unique design allows each section to move independently, adapting to the contour of the ground for a cleaner, more efficient snow removal process.

arctic snow and ice HD-pusher-on-wheel-loader

Mechanical Side Panels

Equipped with mechanical side panels, the sectional sno-pusher effectively prevents snow from spilling over the sides, maximizing each pass's efficiency.

arctic snow and ice LD-pusher-on-compact-loader

Slip Hitch Technology

This feature provides unmatched adaptability to the surface, allowing the sno-pusher to adjust to the pavement's contour, reducing wear on the equipment and ensuring a longer lifespan.

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Frequently Asked Arctic Snow & Ice Questions

We service all of Alberta and parts of the surrounding provinces.

Arctic stands apart by designing products to address specific challenges in its own snow removal fleet. They meticulously fine-tune and test each solution before market release instead of operating through trial and error at the customer’s expense. Since the 1978 innovation, Arctic remains a beacon of contractor-driven innovation, prioritizing efficiency, cost reduction, and industry standards.

Choosing Plains Equipment Rentals, an authorized dealer, ensures you receive genuine Arctic Snow and Ice products backed by full manufacturer support. We provide expert advice, comprehensive service, and warranty support, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

We offer a range of Arctic Snow and Ice attachments, including the Razor Back, Sectional Sno-Pushers, Sectional Sno-Wing, Sectional Snow Plow, and Side Sweeper. Each attachment has unique features designed to suit different snow clearing needs.

Our experienced team can help you select the right equipment based on your requirements. Considerations include the type of lots you will be servicing, size of machine operating the attachment, and company goals.

Yes, all Arctic Snow and Ice products purchased through us, as an authorized dealer, come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The specific terms and duration of the warranty vary depending on the product.

Yes, Arctic Snow and Ice products are designed to be versatile and effective on various terrains, from flat surfaces like parking lots to uneven terrain such as roads and pathways and surfaces with swales and valleys; with the sectional design, you’ll get the cleanest scrape possible, regardless of how uneven the surface is.

Arctic’s distinctive approach to removing hard-packed snow and ice involves the Sectional design, featuring smaller moldboard sections with trip edges and mechanical side panels. The polyurethane mounting block design allows even pressure application, enhancing adaptation to pavement contours, self-levelling, and efficient hard-pack removal in a single pass. This innovation minimizes resistance, resulting in improved performance, reduced wear, and superior scraping ability—making it the top choice for challenging winter conditions.