6 Key Considerations for Purchasing A New Snow Attachment

Feb 18, 2024 | Attachments | 0 comments

When winter looms on the horizon, having the right snow removal equipment becomes crucial for keeping operations smooth and efficient. Selecting the perfect snow attachment involves more than just a simple purchase; it’s about finding a solution that meets your specific needs. Here are six essential factors to consider, along with a focus on why choosing the right brand, like Arctic Snow and Ice, is vital for your snow removal success.

Identifying Your Snow Removal Needs

Understanding the challenges you face is the first step in choosing the right snow attachment. Whether it’s a snow pusher, snow blade, end-wing snow plow or a side-wing, considering the attachment’s functionality is key. Ask yourself:

  • Does the attachment need to perform specialized tasks, like back-dragging or operating in tight spaces near buildings or loading docks?
  • Does it need effectively remove snow without leaving behind snow that turns into a slippery residue that requires additional treatments?

For diverse options in snow removal equipment that meet these needs, explore what Plains Equipment Rentals has to offer.

arctic snow and ice LD-pusher-on-compact-loader

Choosing Only The Features You Need

The complexity of snow attachments varies, experienced snow removal companies know the importance of having the most possibly simplified with most features as possible because the more moving parts the more things that could go wrong! Attachments equipped with simple features to mitigate issues, like hitting, like curbs and manhole lids are generally a bare minimum requirement in the snow removal industry today. Commonly called a “trip-edge” it is minimizes the risk of damage from unseen objects, or projections in the surface, some attachments trip edge are also in individual sections, this allows a much cleaner scrape even on uneven surfaces  making it a valuable feature for operators of all experience levels. Decide if these features align with your operational needs or if a simpler model would suffice.

Size Matters

The effectiveness of a snow pusher or plow isn’t just about width; depth and moldboard design play a crucial role in how much snow can be moved efficiently. Consider the site you hope to be plowing, whether it’s in tight urban spaces or large commercial lots. For detailed advice on sizing, visit our snow removal equipment rentals in Alberta page.

arctic snow and ice sectional snow plow plowing snow lift up copy

Your Sites

Your working environment dictates the most suitable type of snow removal attachment. For instance, larger attachments suit open areas like warehouse’s and airports, while smaller attachments excel in urban settings. Consider if the need for road legality is a necessity , generally you won’t want to exceed 14′, and the efficiency benefits of different sizes based on your typical sites.

arctic snow and ice side sweeper under truck bed copy

Cost-Effectiveness and Long-Term Value

Weighing the initial cost against long-term savings is crucial. Arctic attachments are a premium product that come at, (you guess it) a premium price, but what do they offer you in return? easy maintenance and extensive time between changing wear parts. Assessing the total cost of ownership, including potential savings on salting/sanding applications due to the near perfect scrape they offer and happy customers will guide you to a more informed decision.

Choosing the Right Brand: Arctic Snow and Ice

Regarding reliability and quality, Arctic Snow and Ice products stand out. Known for their durability and efficiency, Arctic’s attachments are designed to tackle the harshest winter conditions. Opting for a reputable brand like Arctic that has been around for over 20 years, with over 15,000 attachments sold tells you there is something to these attachments!

 Investing in Arctic Snow and Ice products means equipping yourself with tools that endure the test of time and perform under pressure. For Arctic Snow and Ice solutions, check our offerings here.


Choosing the right snow attachment involves careful consideration of your needs, the operational environment, and the attachment’s size and features. By focusing on quality brands like Arctic Snow and Ice, you can enhance your snow removal efficiency while ensuring long-term value. Ready to find the perfect snow removal solution for your needs? Get a snow removal rental quote today and prepare to face the winter with confidence.