Heavy Duty Equipment Rentals in Alberta

Plains Equipment Rentals, your trusted parter for all your heavy duty equipment needs.

Our Heavy Duty Equipment for Rent

At Plains Equipment Rentals, we specialize in providing top-tier heavy-duty equipment rentals in Alberta. Whether you’re searching for specific machinery like skid steers and wheel loaders, our extensive inventory is designed to meet the diverse needs of your projects. Discover our range of reliable and efficient equipment, tailored to enhance your operational success.

WA200_wheel loader 2.5 yards

Wheel Loader Rentals in Alberta

Explore our fleet of wheel loaders, ranging from 1 to 4.5 yards in size, equipped with a variety of attachments, including pallet forks, pipe grapples, gravel spoons, snow attachments, and more. Find the perfect machine to meet all your needs here.

prod-Excavators-22-13-TonExcavators copy

Excavator Equipment Rentals in Alberta

Discover the power and precision of our excavators for rent. Engineered for efficiency, our range is perfect for digging, demolition, and earthmoving projects of any size. Experience unmatched performance and reliability with our excavators, designed to tackle the toughest tasks with ease. Visit our excavator rental page to find the ideal machine for your next project.

Snow Removal Equipment Rentals in Alberta

Acquire the appropriate equipment for your sites here. Choose from a range of loaders and skid steers, including large, mid-sized, and compact options. Complement them with snow pushers, blades, and end-wing plows. Our pricing is determined by the contract duration and estimated machine usage hours, ensuring affordable rentals for any operation.

Track skid steer equipment for rent

Skid Steer Rentals in Alberta

Skid steers are versatile machines suited for a variety of tasks. Whether it’s for landscaping, construction, or site preparation, our skid steer rentals offer the agility and power needed for efficient work. Explore our range for your next project.

Light tower equipment for rent

Job Site Lighting Rentals in Alberta

Ensure safety and productivity even after dark with our job site lighting solutions. Our lighting equipment is designed to illuminate large areas, providing clear visibility for nighttime or indoor operations. Rent our lighting for your next job site.

Compaction Equipment Rentals in Alberta

For ground preparation and compaction needs, our compaction equipment is unmatched. From rollers to plate compactors, we provide the tools necessary for soil, gravel, and asphalt compaction, ensuring strong and stable foundations for your projects.

equipments-towable-compressor-rentals-alberta (1)

Towable Compressor Rentals in Alberta

For projects requiring high-powered air solutions, our towable compressors are the perfect fit. These units are essential for powering pneumatic tools, providing reliable and consistent performance. Rent our compressors to ensure your project's success.

Authorised Arctic Snow and Ice Products Dealer in Alberta​

As the authorised dealer of Arctic Snow and Ice products in Alberta, we offer an exclusive range of snow and ice management equipment. These advanced tools are ideal for efficiently tackling the challenges of harsh winter conditions.

arctic snow and ice equipment for sale in canada

Arctic Snow & Ice Equipment for Sale

As an authorised Alberta dealer of Arctic Snow and Ice products, Plains Equipment Rentals offers cutting-edge solutions for winter challenges. Our range, from Sectional Sno-Pushers to Razor Backs, is designed for Alberta's winters, providing efficient and effective snow management backed by our expert service.

Why Choose Plains Equipment Rentals?

Our reputation for reliability, coupled with a diverse selection of high-quality equipment, makes us the go-to choice. We understand the demands of your projects and offer flexible rental terms, expert advice, and dedicated support.

Huge Selection of Equipment

Big or small, we rent it all. Get the right equipment and attachments for any type of construction or contracting job. Our fleet is well-maintained and reliable.

Unbeatable Rates

Most other companies charge by the day. We take a more customized approach that factors in how many hours you actually use the equipment for.

Friendly, Experienced Staff

We’re ready and able to answer any of your rental questions and help you find the right equipment for your job.

Fast Pickup or Delivery Available

We are centrally located and able to provide fast delivery to your jobsite if you prefer. Otherwise you are free to pick up the equipment on your trailer.

What Our Clients Say

“They have made the rental process easy and have a great selection and ability to find the right unit for the work. Great service for repairs and very great response time. Great rates and all around pleasure to work with”
Jonas L.
Rising Edge Group
“It was frustrating to try and find a quality wheel loader at a reasonable price. Plains Equipment Rentals provided exceptional customer service and gave me good value on a rental loader. Will definitely use them again.”
quest disposal & recycling logo
Keith H.
Quest Disposal & Recycling
“When comparing Plains to other rental firms, we found that Plains pricing and rental terms were the most competitive. Once receiving the customized wheel loader, Plains Equipment exceeded our expectations with incomparable customer service.”
jps construction group logo
Joe J.
JPS Construction Group
"Plains Equipment rentals provided us with three small loaders for the past winter season. We needed the loaders on very short notice, and Plains came through. Throughout the winter there were service issues as with any equipment. Plains was quick to arrange repair, even on weekends. There were times that one of the machines was down waiting on parts, and Plains steeped up and made it right. Shawn was always available by phone when we needed him. Overall, we were very happy with the service provided."
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Mark L.
Seasonal Impact

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be an additional upcharge for working hours that exceed our initial estimate, you can, however, make adjustments to your contract to ensure you don’t exceed the allotted hours.

We offer equipment and attachment sales. We are an authorized Arctic Snow & Ice Products dealer as well.

After you contact us, a technician will come out to the site, assess the cause of the breakdown, and fix it on-site if possible. If an on-site repair is not possible promptly, we will coordinate to have the equipment replaced in a time-effective manner, enabling you to continue with your business.

Our licensed mechanics will determine if the equipment broke due to technical failure/wear or if improper/negligence caused the breakdown to happen; any abuse is charged to the renter. If the breakdown is unrelated to apparent negligence or improper use, the equipment will be promptly repaired or replaced at the cost of Plains Equipment Rentals.

There may be a termination fee, and your rate will be adjusted accordingly to the actual period of rental.

At the onset of your rental, we will work with you to set your rental’s “working hours” because each job is different. We adjust our prices directly with the hours needed per period, this enables you to save money on below-average usage of the equipment.

Accounts can be set up by requesting an account application from our support team.

We do not provide certified training for the equipment we rent. However, we are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have in operating the equipment.

We offer hourly rates for any motorized equipment exclusive to our location near Lethbridge contact a plains equipment rep for more details.

We service all of Alberta and parts of the surrounding provinces.